What Marita's clients say...

WOW what a find.

"She listens to want you want, is creative, and most importantly, is an 'honest' hairdresser." 

"Marita has always worked her magic and makes me feel very happy every time I walk out of the salon." 


I liked the way my friends hair was cut and coloured and she introduced me to Marita...I would rather sit in a Dentist chair than a hair dresser, but Marita was different. She had great hair herself, was patient, understood my anxieties and gave very sound advice. She has cut and coloured my hair (including my wedding) for 5yrs and I love the fact appointments are fit around my busy-ness - she is so wise, accomodating and I ALWAYS look better (and feel better) leaving her!


WOW what a find. Marita Moran – a hairdresser with a wealth of talent and experience. Marita has been styling my hair for more than five years. I value the improvement she had made to the condition of my hair, which is now amazing to touch, especially as it is coloured to hide those nasty greys’ on a regular basis. In addition to this Marita has subtly persuaded me to move from blonde highlights to a deeper more luxurious version of my natural colour.


WELL... what can I say. Marita has saved my life on many occasions over the 20 odd years she has been looking after my hair. Listened to me moan about my hair (which I hate). Marita has always worked her magic and makes me feel very happy everytime I walk out of the salon. Marita looked after me on my wedding day with hair and make up and again made me feel very special. I would recommend her to everyone. Apart from being an amazing hair dresser she is a beautiful person. Thank you. 


Marita has been my hairdresser for over 15 years. I love visiting her because she is great at cutting and colouring and gives good advice without pushing her views onto you. She's also a generous source of fashion and makeup advice (but only if you ask) and she's fun to spend time with. 


A few years ago I was unhappy with the look of my hair. A friend recommended me to try Marita and I have been with with her ever since. If you want to try a new hairdresser, give Marita a try. She listens to want you want, is creative, and most importantly, is an "honest" hairdresser. My hair looks good after I have washed it, not just when leaving the salon - sign of a good cutter. 


Marita always does a really great job with my hair. She also gives me good advice and makes helpful suggestions for changes. We’ve changed the style and colour over the years but I know that I can trust her to cut and colour my hair just as I want it. Marita has been my hairdresser for nearly twenty years and I have no hesitation in recommending her. I’ve recommended her to several friends over the years and they’ve been delighted with the results.  


Thanks Marita for all the great chats we've had over the eight or more years we've known each other. I always come out looking smarter and feeling better than when I arrived. Long may it continue!!


Marita has been cutting and colouring my hair for over 10 years now and I am always delighted with the quality of the cut. She's seen me through longer and shorter styles, and different colour preferences, consistently providing constructive advice and support to get the most from my hairstyle and deal with my hair's specific quirks. After a succession of dodgy stylists, I was extremely grateful to have Marita recommended to me and I wouldn't dream of switching!